Peer-reviewed book chapters:

Khasan Redjaboev, “State-Labor Relations and Gender Politics in the Soviet Agricultural Periphery,” in Emily J. Elliot and James A. Nealy, eds. Soviet Workers in the World: Soviet Labor and Working-Class at the End of Cultural History, Lexington Books, (forthcoming), Chapter 6.  

Submitted (co-author names are in alphabetical order): 

Liu, Cheol, Temirlan T. Moldogaziev, and Khasan Redjaboev. “Policy Entrepreneurship Under Extreme Uncertainty.” (under review)

Papers in preparation for journal submission (co-author names are in alphabetical order): 

Brick-Murtazashvili, Jennifer, and Khasan Redjaboev. “Does sanction shock affect local government perceptions in dependent economies? Evidence from Tajikistan.”

Liu, Cheol, Temirlan T. Moldogaziev, and Khasan Redjaboev. “Public Service Receptivity to Citizens under Limited Accountability: Evidence from a Survey Experiment in Uzbekistan.”

Working Papers (co-author names are in the order of contribution): 

Redjaboev, Khasan, Marika Olijar, and Khabiba Ubaydullaeva “Does Post-Totalitarian Religious Institution Type Affect Gender Attitudes? Evidence from Central Asia.” (APSA Religion & Politics 2023 research grant winner, $3,000)

Redjaboev, Khasan. “Emotional or Informational: Perspective-taking Promotes Inclusion in Redistributive Attitudes”

Research grants and projects:

I am a co-founder and co-Principal Investigator (PI) for two long-term research projects:

  • Local Economic and Administrative Performance (LEAP) in Central Asia, 2022-2025: LEAP investigates citizen engagement in non-democratic spaces through participatory budgeting to strengthen the legitimacy and local bureaucratic accountability, as well as the public service motivation concerning vertical, horizontal, and diagonal accountability with original data from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan. The project has two working papers in preparation for submission, two more papers in progress, and an edited volume for policy publication to be "workshop"ed in fall 2023. Co-PIs are Cheol Liu (Korea Development Institute) and Temirlan T. Moldogaziev (Indiana University – Bloomington). The project is generously funded by Korea Development Institute with $75,000 research grant.
  • Interdisciplinary Central Asia Politics, History and Economics (iCAPHE) Research Lab, 2023-2026: This project investigates how historical, political and economic institutions interact and affect modern day governance, public administration, and social policy. The project includes virtual research seminars, an annual in-person research event, and aims to produce collaborative research publications in leading field and area studies journals and an edited volume. Co-PI is Jennifer Brick-Murtazashvili (University of Pittsburgh). 

My research was awarded several grants and fellowships, including generous funding through national and university-wide competitions. I gratefully acknowledge the generous support from the Association for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies (ASEEES) Dissertation Improvement Grant, American Political Science Association’s (APSA) Centennial Center Summer Research Grant, Carnegie Corporation of New York and Harriman Institute, George L. Mosse Fellowship in History Program, Korea Development Institute School, the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Governance and Markets, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s University Fellowship, Institute for Regional and International Studies, Wisconsin Russia Project, Experimental Politics Workshop, and Summer Initiative research grants.