For my book-project, I conducted immersive fieldwork with interviews, surveys, archival work, and other data collection work in Uzbekistan, Russia, and Israel between 2019-2023. Moreover, I organized, conducted, and directed extensive fieldwork with interviews and data collection in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Ukraine. This often took place with limited financial resources but with strong commitment to deliver high quality research, with strong adherence to ethical research guidelines of mixed-methods fieldwork and in strong collaboration with local researchers. Most of my work between 2023-2024 took place within the context of the Interdisciplinary Central Asian Politics, History and Economics (iCAPHE) Research Lab, a creative and researcher-to-researcher "artel" (I could not help it) that I co-founded. I have extensive experiences on fieldwork research, especially in non-democratic countries, and am happy to teach, train, share, and consult about fieldwork research.  

In my earlier research career, I conducted field research in Japan (mostly on monetary mechanisms in Southeast and East Asia), Malaysia (on dengue fever), Singapore (on public health), and South Africa (on informal settlements). I apply multi-method research and pay special attention to contextual knowledge. I have additional advanced training in experimental, historical, qualitative, and field research from the Institute for Qualitative and Mixed-Methods Research 2022 and APSA's Institute for Civically Engaged Research 2024.

Below, you can see my research team at the National Archives of Uzbekistan.